Ratcheting Winch Bar

Quick Winch Ratcheting Winch Bar

Quick Winch™ Products, Inc. is a company formed by experienced drivers who have developed tools to address the everyday needs and concerns of the trucker.

We are proud to introduce our family of new, unique load securing technology products that are destined to become a part of the future of the transportation industry.

Using our new products means you can secure loads quicker than ever before, getting you back on the road faster — which means more time driving and more money for your pocket. Quick Winch products are also engineered for safer use by the operator, thereby reducing the risk of injuries and lost work time.

Explore our web site to learn more about Quick Winch products that help you secure your load and get you back on the road!

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Quick Winch Securement System is Revolutionizing Strap and Winch Cargo Securement

The Quick Winch securement system is the future of the transportation industry. Designed for use in many applications including lumber, steel, agriculture, concrete, and building materials, the Quick Winch securement system is the solution to the everyday concerns of drivers.

The Quick Winch securement system is the first new advancement in strap and winch securement in years. The original Quick Winch Portable Ratchet Drive transforms most standard winches into revolutionary winches by enabling ratcheting capability.

The Portable Drive is inserted into the drive side of most standard winches and is secured in place by the insert pin that fits through a drive hole in the winch and can easily and quickly be moved from winch to winch when securing a load. Once this simple adapter is secured, the standard winch is now ready for use with the Quick Winch 3/4” Mega-Tork Ratchet / Winch Bar.

The Mega-Tork Ratchet / Winch Bar brings increased productivity, time reduction, and cost savings to standard strap and winch securement. Its 30-inch, heat-treated chrome vanadium design is rated at 500 ft-lb, and offers complete operator control through its non-slip, cushioned grips.

The Mega-Tork Ratchet/Winch Bar reduces load securement time by 30 to 40 percent by operating with the speed, ease, and ergonomic benefits offered by ratcheting action, as compared to standard pry bar repositioning. Shorter, easier strokes combine with the convenience and safety of not requiring a full 90 degree advance to be able to reinsert the bar, meaning more driving time and productivity for truckers.

For those who want the safety, convenience and cost-savings of the Quick Winch system all the time, the Permanent Ratchet Drive is available and fits most standard winches. Like the Portable Drive, the Permanent Drive is inserted into the drive side of most standard winches. It is designed for a simple weld-in installation by a qualified welder, and its carefully engineered off-set colour permits automatic on-axis positioning on the latch and pawl end.